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New live video uploaded

Our Tropic At Ruislip gig was a great success and there were lots of lovely Zappa fans there. You can see a few highlights of the night on the newly uploaded video.

Ruislip Here We Come

Our next gig is at Tropic At Ruislip on Saturday 10th March. Our new bass player is brilliant. Come an see us and be prepared to have your socks knocked off.

Check "Shows" for details.

Have New Bass Player - Ready To Gig Real Soon

Very pleased to welcome the fantastic Steve Woodcock on bass. At our last rehearsal he impressed us all with his musicianship and how quickly he was on the ball with new material. When we played Zoot Allures is was as if Scott Thunes was in the rehearsal room with us.

We also met the very talented percussionist Tom Atherton who introduced us to his xylosynth which sounded great. He's too busy with work and his doctorate to join the group right now but hopes to be able to in mid to late Feb - watch this space.

Rehearsals continue and we will have a giggable set very soon.

Looking for new bass player

Acton Zappa played a stonkingly tight set at Zappadan 3 last Saturday. Sadly it was a farewell gig for Tomas on bass so we are now auditioning for a new bassist. If you're interested please get in touch.

Our gig is this Saturday!

Acton Zappa on the radio

Acton Zappa's whole one hour set from Festival Moo-Ah! is to be broadcast tonight in internet radio station rockradio.de. It starts at 9pm UK time. Here's a lnk

Here's a link

We've got a blog

Did you know that in addition to this website and a Facebook page, Acton Zappa has a blog? It's been running since 2014. Latest addition is a random track.

Check out the blog here

2 new videos from Festival Moo-ah

Two new videos from Festival Moo-ah in Corby have been uploaded for your viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you very much to Ludznl for filming and uploading to youtube. Click on "Videos" in the menu above to see them.

Video from our gig at Fat Lil's

A short clip from our gig at Fat Lil's has been uploaded to our Videos page

Acton Zappa coming to Oxford in April

Acton Zappa will be opening for Zappatika at Fat Lil's, Witney, Oxford. Monday 10th April at 8pm. See you there.

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